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Level I - RUBY 1-3 Shapes, 2-4 Colors. Basic details, no gold/silver. Flat Rate - $60 2+ Dozen (per dozen) - $54

Level II - GOLD 4-6 Shapes, 4-7 Colors. Simple Gold and Silver. Basic airbrushing. Flat Rate - $72 2+ Dozen (per dozen) - $60

Level lll - EMERALD 6+ Shapes and Colors including Logos, Characters, Gold, Silver and hand painting. Flat Rate - $84 2+ Dozen (per dozen) - $72 *Individually bagged included by request*

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Bakery Cookies *Chocolate Chip *Cookie Monster *Snickerdoodle *Funfetti Sprinkle Mint Chocolate Chip *Reese's Peanut Butter Red Velvet w/ White Chocolate Chips Oatmeal *raisins by request $28 per dozen. *Available as Cookie Cakes. Starting at $65

Paint your own Cookies Each cookie comes with a paint palette and brush. Customizable images available. $60 per dozen

Valentine's DIY Kit

DIY Kits 12 Cookies (3-6 shapes), 5 bags of frosting, and 3 sprinkle varieties. $30 per dozen

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